Our dedication to quality is evident in the
delicious fruit we produce.  We are
active in all aspects of the farm from
pruning, to harvest and sorting to
selling.  We believe that being this
closely involved is the best way to
maintain our reputation for high quality
fruit.  But don’t just take our word for it
check out our
testimonials page and see
what individuals, other farmers, fresh
and super market personnel, and self-
proclaimed berry connoisseurs are
saying about us.

A family farm is how Montavon’s Berries started and
how it continues to run today.  From our immediate to
our extended family (which includes friends) we both
give and receive support in all facets of our lives and
the hard work of running a farm is no exception.  At
each stage of the farming process you can bank on the
fact that a loved one has been directly involved.  In
fact, if you close your eyes and concentrate, we believe
you can almost taste that love in our fruit.  Check out
photo gallery to see some of those friends and
family in action on the farm

Community is vital regardless of the population size
of the area in which you live.  Montavon’s Berries is
lucky enough to be situated in a community where
its members care about the survival of local farms
and understand the importance of purchasing
locally.  In return, Montavon’s Berries realizes that
being part of a community means more than just
residing there and encouraging residents to buy
locally. To that end the Montavon’s Berries family
volunteers locally, donates our fruit to non-profits,
offers a hand to neighbors, friends and family, and
we encourage our kids to do the same.  Please take
a minute and check out the
Community section of
our website so you can see the beauty of our little
corner of the world.
Welcome to Montavons Berries.  

We are a berry and cherry farm dedicated to
quality, family, friends and community