Montavons Berries is located in Parkdale, Oregon with the beautiful Mt. Hood as the backdrop for
the 12 acres of mature, delicious berries and cherries.  From its inception Montavon’s Berries has
been a family affair.  It was founded in 1980 by Terry and Vernon Montavon and they, along with
their three children, provided the foundation of high quality for which Montavon’s Berries is still

Today, the farm is owned and operated by us, Roger and Lee Montavon.  However, the familial
love and care that goes into our fruit does not stop there. At any time you may find our children
(Alexis and Annabelle), our siblings, our parents, our extended family and even our friends
pitching in to help us produce and sell our crops.  Not only do we feel blessed to be able to work
with our loved ones but having people that care about us and our product insures that the high
quality for which we are known stays in tact.
About Us
6340 Sperry Road
Parkdale, OR  97041