We picked blueberries, raspberries and
cherries there and they were so good. They
were a good price and the staff was kind.
Highly recommended.
Pick your own berries. Beautiful. Laid back. Friendly
We went here on Aug. 4th, 2016 to pick
cherries, but we also ended up picking
blueberries. The blueberries were plump,
and there were so many ripe clusters
that within 15 minutes we'd picked
about 2 lbs./person. The price was also
phenomenal; other farms that we went
to were charging as much as 3x more.
The cherries weren't bad, but this late in
the season the picking was not as good.
Still beats the store, and everybody else
I called is finished with u-pick cherries
for this year. My only regret is that we
didn't go to Montavon's first. They will
definitely be on our radar next time we
come out to pick
Doesn't get better than this!
Best price, friendly folks!!
Excellent berry picking spot. A bit off the
beaten path. Tons of room to pick.
Cherries, blueberries, raspberries, oh my!
Our first time picking cherries. Such a
beautiful place to do so! Everyone was
so friendly and helpful, we'll definitely
be back! Worth the drive from Happy
Valley! You'll probably have some of
our friends and family by there today
Best rainier cherries and blueberries. My
family loves being out in the orchard. The
Montavons are great people... super nice.
Worth the drive from Happy Valley, OR. Many
thanks for these delicious cherries and berries
year after year.
Back in July of 2012 my mom came to visit from
So Cal. She loves Rainers. We found this place
and boy did we hit the jackpot. They were a $1 a
pound. We picked 44 pounds of cherries. My
mom was in heaven. I haven't a better cherry
since then. Love you guys.
Wonderful people and awesome cherries and
blueberries. My husband and a big group of his
relatives, who were here from various states for
a family reunion, showed up right at closing
time. The owners were so nice and understanding
and stayed open for them so that they could pick
cherries. We highly recommend this berry farm!
Great Aloha spirit!!